Alyson Yarberry


Founder & President

Alyson is the founding visionary behind Modera. With nearly 20 years of experience leading local and national pieces of business, it is evident that being a master marketer and mother is Alyson’s destiny. Prior to starting Modera in 2010, Alyson held senior executive roles at boutique agencies across Southern California. Alyson’s strength in driving operational efficiency has allowed Modera to scale year after year and attain continued client success. Alyson is happy she listened to that inner voice calling her to establish a company that would equip brands for a new era of marketing. By blending innovative modalities of advertising, marketing and communications, Alyson provides Modera and its clients the strategic foundation for long-term achievement. She believes that anyone can have it all if they operate from their true purpose. As the champion and chief curator of Modera’s inclusive and transparent culture, Alyson wants every client and teammate to enjoy life while working hard towards achieving their goals. She is also dedicated to developing more women leaders in marketing by supporting programs and communities that provide women with a platform for growth and advancement.

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Best advice you’ve ever received? 
If you have more than three priorities, you have no priorities. (thanks Bene Brown)

Can you give us a hot take? 
Cats are far better companions than dogs and most people. (cue, cat lady jokes)

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