Senior Project Manager

Pronouns: She/Her

As the Senior Project Manager at Modera, Ariana is the glue that keeps it together. She has an astute eye for detail and analytical approach that allows her to strategize and prioritize effectively to accomplish tasks under pressure. Ariana’s enthusiasm for her clients and the marketing profession make her an ideal teammate who you know will always perform with excellence. She chose to go into marketing and advertising because she loved the creativity involved in helping solve complex business problems. Ariana enjoys the diversity of industries that she gets to engage in and the opportunity to be an extension of her clients’ teams. She specializes in creating project roadmaps for ensuring all deadlines are met while staying within budget to meet clients’ objectives and making sure everyone is happy with the end result. Presenting a high level of work, visually and from a messaging standpoint is Ariana’s gold standard. Ariana believes that success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. This attitude of high-performance carries through Ariana and the culture at Modera which she is a valuable contributor. Ariana is a graduate of California State University at Fullerton where she studied Communications with an emphasis in Advertising.

Let's get personal.

If you had a tagline to describe yourself, what would it be? 
Just do it (after you’ve considered all the options and created a detailed plan)

Best advice you’ve ever received? 
Measure twice, cut once.

What’s one food item you’re always down to eat? 
Desserts! Whether baking (or just eating), I’m always in the mood for something sweet.