Eloisa Ruelas


Project Coordinator

Eloisa is our detail-oriented Project Coordinator at Modera. After spending years in the healthcare industry and administrative management, she decided to take a more challenging and fulfilling role in the marketing realm. She wanted to pivot in her career to a position where she could grow and develop more transferable skills. She thrives in a creative, energetic and fast-paced environment. She graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics. In her down time, Eloisa likes to hike and attend wine tastings. She likes to collect art from her favorite tv shows and games, and has a dog and a cat, Max and Artemis – we’ll let you guess who is who.

Let's get personal.

Secret talent you’re dying for the internet to know about? 
The ability to predict any Rom Com plot

Movie you can quote from beginning to end? 
Nightmare Before Christmas

Favorite song you like to sing in the shower? 
Recently it has been Imagine Dragons “Follow You”