Paid Media Specialist

Pronouns: He/Him

Evan started his Marketing career here at Modera as an intern in our digital and social media department and when it came time to say goodbye, we just couldn’t do it! Proving himself an invaluable member of Modera’s diverse digital marketing team, Evan brings a fresh, enthusiastic approach to every project he touches, believing that “Marketing is a great blend of passion, creativity, and expression that allows individuals to fulfill their dreams.” Supporting Modera’s philosophy that attitude is everything, Evan has the natural ability to connect with co-workers and clients alike. His ability to be adaptive and efficient as he develops content in varying forms and for clients in multiple industries helps the team achieve the optimal results for Modera’s client roster.

Let's get personal.

Secret talent you’re dying for the internet to know about?
I’ve beaten every single Guitar Hero on Expert Mode.

Can you give us a hot take?
UFOs are real and people who think otherwise haven’t done enough research.

Fashion trend from your youth you’d like to forget?
I had somewhat of a scene phase in Junior High. Hot topic stretchy skinny jeans with deep cut v-necks.