Senior Designer

Rosie is Modera’s resident senior designer. She loves the problem-solving element that comes with designing and welcomes even the most complex and challenging projects. She has been successful working with a variety of clients across multiple industries on everything from branding to logo design, website design, packaging, print and digital media. Rosie has provided creative and design services for start-ups, including a video game company and an established technology accessories brand. She has a love for illustration and is always looking for a way to incorporate her illustration abilities into her designs. Rosie’s philosophy is don’t hold back your creativity, do it and see what is possible. Rosie is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton where she studied Graphic Design and Illustration.

Let's get personal.

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere, online, outside on a walk, a song, inspiration can be random.

What keeps you creative?
My interest in nature, science, music, pop culture and life experiences.

What’s one food item you’re always down to eat? 
Tacos and ramen