Sunny Schneider


Project Manager

Sundeep, also known as Sunny, brings her bright personality to the table as a Project Manager at Modera. She loves to examine all the pieces and moving parts of projects and strategize how to put them together. Having experience as a small business owner, she has over 6 years of marketing experience, an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys the organization process of project management. She also likes being client-facing and is detail-oriented in her work flow. In her free time, Sunny enjoys exploratory day trips with her husband and two children – going to the beach and watching true crime mysteries or thrillers.

Let's get personal.

If you had a tagline to describe yourself, what would it be? 
Too legit to quit

Secret talent you’re dying for the internet to know about? 
I can spin for long periods of time without getting dizzy…

What’s one food item you’re always down to eat? 
Mozzarella sticks