Novolink is an indoor / outdoor lighting solutions provider selling products ranging from holiday decorative lighting to motion sensor security lighting. 

Novolink approached Modera to work on a full website revamp with the goal to reach more customers online and allow for a more clear user journey to complete purchases. Modera designed a custom Shopify Ecommerce website for Novolink, ensuring everything from look and feel, to product segmentation and messaging was addressed. Modera also worked on a product photography shoot to ensure the new images were produced for various marketing channels as well as packaging.  

Website Design

Previously Novolink had multiple websites, with one being utilized for information and tutorials, and the other for purchasing products online. Modera did a complete inventory of all elements throughout both websites and then mapped out a clear user journey with wireframes for the new site. Ensuring the new design would be functional, steps to obstacles to purchase would be reduced, and that user FAQs could be easily found and utilized. By doing an overhaul of the design, as well as the structure, Modera was able to deliver a completely fresh, appealing and easy to navigate Ecommerce website.